If you fancy having a go with HyGP, either to have a general idea of how it works or to generate an explicit model to be used for metamodel-based optimisation purposes, feel free to:


HyGP code from GitHub

If you are also interested in finding the global minimum/a of the generated model, have a look at the C++ Particle Swarm Optimisation code I developed and used to produce the video in the “About” page:

HyPSO code from Github

(HyGP and HyPSO available under Apache License, Version 2.0 (


armani.umberto * (replace the asterisk with @)

I can put HyGP to the test and generate an explicit model fitting your data for you. I don’t charge anything, I only ask for permission to publish the case study and the results on this WordPress blog.

Of course I am aware that data may be confidential: if this is the case, apply a bijective function to the sensitive data so that transformed data set can be used as HyGP input and confidentiality is not infringed.


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